Read book daily: You, Inc.

Alright, so the tourist in Singapore thing didn’t work out. It was my fault, really. Had too much work to clear there was no way I could take leave. I could have screamed – idea was dangling like a ball of wool in front of the cat in me. But I’m not going to whine no more. Make the best of what I have.

Because I’m surviving on caffeine shots the last few weeks (caffeine IV on Thurs and Fri), I’m reading more at night – got to work the caffeine out. I just finished reading “You, Inc.” that teaches you how to sell the wonderful brand and product called “You”. The book’s got 8 main sections with headings like “Hogs, apples, and writer’s underwear: communicating”, and each chapter isn’t more than 300 words. Makes for brilliantly snappy reading on the morning commute.

And my top 10 bits from the book?

1. People buy feelings. So make it feel right.

2. People decide, then think. Therefore first impressions count.

3. Find your story, and tell it well. If you don’t know who you are, others won’t either.

4. Simplify and clarify. When people understand you, they feel smart. Recall #1: People buy feelings.

5. Make yourself clearer, and people will think you’re an expert. When you’re uber clear, you give certainty. People like certainty – beats dealing with the unknown.

6. Listening makes you captivating. Too many people just want to be heard.

7. Don’t impress them, move them. The test of a good speech is not what the listeners rate it, but what actually happens after that. Being impressed is a state of mind. Being moved translates to action.

8. We want to feel loved, no matter how well we hide it. Make people feel important. A slight is heavily remembered.

9. Dot the i’s. Not everyone does. It’s all in the small details.

10. Look out for the bulldozer drivers. No one never needs help. Find the people who will plough through and go the extra mile for you. Treat them well.

Mimosa’s rating of You, Inc.: 4.5/5


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