Cat in the tree

I met an old friend today and we pigged out on luscious rolls of rice. In between mouthfuls, Claire said something that made me think.

Cats love to climb, but many of them get stuck in the trees. That’s made “cat rescue” one of the more common duties of policemen. Thing is, you won’t know that cats are unhappy about being stuck in the tree until it mews. If a cat doesn’t make a sound, no one will bother, because cats are inquisitive and love to explore.

Apply that to humans. If we’re mired in a situation that we don’t like, we have to make it known because there aren’t many mind-readers out there. Claire’s words really made me wonder which cat I am. Don’t think I’m at the extremes, but there’s lots of voice to discover. It’s time to loosen those vocal chords.


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