Travel plans

Ok, I know this is yet another travel post about my plans… but hey, this time it’s confirmed! (No, tourist in Singapore didn’t quite pan out. At all. It’s been postponed indefinitely. My bad…)

Mum, little waif and I are off to Fun Taiwan! Ahhh… land of BUBBLE TEA! Oh yes, there are loads more things to do, but the plans are still slowly being built up. It’s a free and easy trip, and I’m the tour guide. Not going to say too much because I don’t want to jinx it – did you realize that every trip I’ve mentioned on this blog so far has been cancelled? Yeah. So… I’m gonna keep mum about it!

But to sum up my feelings… I think it’s said best in these words:

Friend: Why didn’t you ask your Mum to go Japan??

[Context is I was supposed to do a solo trip to Japan, and said friend would have been my tour guide.]

Me: Ex la… not enough money.

Friend: Oh.. ok. Taiwan is nice too.

Lol. Wish me luck while I wrap up the planning! All that could stop me now are a typhoon and a war on the Korean Peninsula… Woe is me if that happens!


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