New favourite author: Sarah Addison Allen

I’ve got a new favourite author: Sarah Addison Allen. Thanks Cass for introducing her to me.

Love her books. There’s something so magical about her descriptions that sucks me in. Simple stories, simple plots about different women. The two books I’ve read are all about women, and give me hope of finding that special someone.

I started with Garden Spells that describes the few weeks/months that the Waverly sisters had when the younger prodigal returned home with a daughter in tow. Loved how she explored the love-hate relationship between sisters, and how they learn to love each other in a way that the other likes. Moved on to Sugar Queen, a story about a girl who was never told that she’s pretty. Her mum never really loved her because of how she looked so much like her dad and got more attention. Trophy wife and show-off husband. Loved how she again explored the growth of sisterly ties, and mother-daughter ties.

Can’t wait to get my hands on The Girl who Chased the Moon !


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