Lazy Chef’s guide to udon

I live with fussy eaters. So when I was pressed for time and was craving Japanese, out came the lazy (but tasty!) way of cooking a simple udon stir-fry.

Warning: no claims to authenticity of Japanese cuisine!

1. Sauté sliced onion, sprinkle salt on it to keep it from browning too quickly.
2. Douse in water, add some worchester and soy sauce. Add chilli padi slices, deseeded. Let it simmer.
3. Throw salt, pepper, fresh dill and corn starch on beef slices. Stir well.
4. Throw udon into onion-water-sauce mixture, boil.
5. Throw in beef slices, stir quickly.
6. Serve!!

The result: deliciously hot, slurpy noodles with enough ‘soup’ and saltiness and spice.


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