The Concert (Update)

So, I did not manage to get any photos from the concert. But I got me some new shoes and accessories, and was treated to some really nice pieces.

First, the musical stories.

One of the SGH soloists, a hearing-impaired boy, played a Chopin piece and one from Liszt. As he played, the notes tinkled clear through the air. I was reading my book in the dressing room some 20m away from him, and I heard every note. The emotions that came through made me forget my tired aching feet – I actually slipped on my shoes and tiptoed over to the stage door, where a crowd of music students were swaying silently to the piece.

Then there was this little girl in a white dress, who played and sang Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight. Her sweet voice and simple but sincere accompaniment touched all of our hearts. Everyone in the auditorium and backstage smiled.

Oh, and the electric guitar. How could I forget that… Well, arranged to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with the piano and some violins, it made a whole lot of sense. Silly grins broke out across our faces as we heard the clanging sound of the electric guitar burst through the speakers. But when the ensemble played the Overture from Verdi’s Aida opera, the looks on our faces reflected the confusion and wonder at the monstrosity that was played.

Now, for the shopping story.

As we rehearsed, I felt my shoes coming apart. I could only limp across the stage in a pair of peep toes that were threatening to send me flying at any moment. The cure? I hurried down to Cityhall and bought myself a pretty pair of velvet shoes with a bow, and some gorgeous earrings (long black gown and black covered-toe shoes.. I needed some colour!)  Thank God for the MRT!

The whole get-go also gave me the added confidence to walk out there and play Tchaikovsky’s January. I was the last student to play before the Christmas segment came on, and I did what my teacher said to do: Enjoy yourself, and touch someone’s heart.

Once again, the performers saved the day from the grouchy mad women!


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