A cold, crummy day


It was a cold, rainy day. Let’s just say that the weather was perfect for hiding under the covers with a good book and a cup of hot milo in my hands. But I dragged myself to work. The train crawled along, stopping for a couple of minutes between every stop, adding such a lot of time to the morning commute. Same thing on the way home. And… the bus wouldn’t come.

I was hungry, and all ready to whine. Rain dropped on me at the bus-stop. Oh, why couldn’t the people who stayed just one bus stop away just walk home? Why’d they have to take up space on the tiny minibus?

Then a phrase hit me. 要凡是谢恩,得烦事谢恩. To be thankful for everything means to be thankful for the troublesome things as well. Came right out of a Bible seminar. Cheesy, but it shut me up. And I started to give thanks.

Thank you God, for teaching me patience. Thank you God, for the amazing coolness. Thank you God, for a reasonably reliable transport system. Thank you God, for the hot soup waiting for me at home. Thank you, that I can even say thank You.


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