Aging makes us healthier

The evening was finally a cooling one. Not rainy-cooling, but shady. And that lured me out for a jog, my maiden jog in months. Ok, the guilty feeling of not jogging when I promised myself to wake up early the past few Saturday mornings also helped. And I feel tired, but accomplished. It wasn’t a huge distance, but hey it’s an achievement for me. You fight your “demons” and I’ll fight mine.

I think this whole healthy thing is a sign of aging. I’m still young yes, but before I’d love to have crispy roasted pork or deep fried chicken everyday. I’d eat seven times a day, and down multiple cups of iced milo and bubble tea. Now, the roasted pork and deep fried chicken are “treats”, taken rather infrequently. Iced milo and iced tea are kept to a max of once a day as well. I’m eating salad for lunch and enjoying it. Dinner can be a simple grilled chicken seasoned with salt, pepper and dill, and some blanched vegetables with a sprinkling of salt and sesame oil. Extremely simple, but my stomach loves it. It protests when there’s too much oil, seasoning, and what-have-you in it. After being sick at home and between jobs for three weeks this year, I returned to the typical hawker fare with a disgruntled stomach. It was awful having the runs everyday for a couple of weeks.

Perhaps it was that bout of sickness. But perhaps it’s also an awareness of age that we take care of our bodies. I’ve seen many colleagues take a siesta from exercise and healthy living as they step into university, but take a greater interest in health after some years of working.

Whatever it is, eating healthy is good. My stomach is rumbling, I think I’ll go rummage for some fruits.


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