The Christmas tiredness

Christmas was tiring. (I think it’s delightful to write this on the last day of Christmas. Of course, my usual scribbling of thoughts and saving them for later helped ensure this twelfth-day-of-Christmas post.)

We shopped for presents, worried about whether the other person would like the present, rushed out the Christmas cards, stayed in the kitchen the whole day cooking… It was nice seeing the smiles after the meal and all, but it felt like something was missing. People were happy and relaxed and we thought about the less unfortunate.

But truth is, halfway through the preparations for Christmas, I’d forgotten the reason for Christmas. And so for the days after that, I just yearned for time to be quiet, to spend time with my friends instead of battling the crowds, and to think about how wonderful God’s plan is for the world. The people then were expecting a king that would lead them out of the occupied land. But God sent a baby who would one day grow up and defeat death.

So on this last day of Christmas, I’m going to make some non-goals. Non-goals in that they aren’t something to achieve and then set aside. But these are things I want to continue doing day after day. And it’s the same as last year. Live life, make time, be happy.


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