Tossing the money

My boss didn’t order any yusheng for our team lunch. No tossing of vegetables or shouting of auspicious phrases. He didn’t see the point of it, since it had no real benefit. Some of my colleagues were quite disappointed. After all, I’m in an extremely superstitious industry that places its faith in the markets and sometimes even fengshui masters.

I’m not against the financial system. There is a place for money systems, for banks. It facilitates trade, businesses, and allows us to buy houses and cars before we’re grey-haired and hunchbacked. But all this money going around has bred greed.

We slog at our jobs, hoping to rise up the ranks. We invest, buy toto, all in the hopes of getting a better lifestyle. And of course, the all-important beating of inflation. We get caught up in the flurry of activities. The “bright lights” glitz and glamour of those who have made it.

But I think the good financial planners have actually got it right – if we just perform all our banking activities without an end goal in mind, or if we don’t think about what’s enough for us, we will probably never be satisfied. And may let greed take the better of us.

So, coming back to the CNY festivities, I say toss those vegetables, give those red packets and eat lots of good food. After all, the turn of the year should also be filled with thanksgiving, that God has seen us through another year.


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