Topsy turvy world

Just saw one of those “demotivational” posters today that said saving footballs pays 300 times more than saving lives. And it showed a fireman or paramedic. We really have our priorities turned upside down.

The astute investor makes a million bucks on the stock market, but the road sweeper makes pennies in comparison. Bankers call $1 million “a buck”, but the commoners call a dollar “a buck”. A salad with meat costs $15 while a plate of chicken rice goes for $3.50. And to quote my music teacher, “bankers make so much more money than musicians, but musicians heal the spirit.”

The one who works hard and does real work scrape by, but the one who fawns over the bosses and does minimal work rises high. The sincere are written off and sidelines, but the superficial show off and climb. The tea lady, the clerk, the secretaries, the lower ranks – all unseen.

Shouldn’t we turn things the right side up? Everyone’s human. The tea lady’s no less a human than the MD. No one is going to have the words “secretary” or “chairman” engraved on their grave stones. No one’s going to remember who the MD was ten years ago. So why aren’t we focusing on the permanent, the things that matter, instead of the temporal?


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