Young and old

I’m flabbergasted. My fellow Singaporeans have recently been up in arms against building more elderly care facilities, while giving more weight to the idea that students who do not get a place in the polytecnics are a victim of the system.

So we aren’t going to allow more spaces for the elderly to retire and spend time safely? Or want to have studio apartments near our flats? Because there could be a higher incidence of deaths and we don’t want to deal with death or God forbid, the negative impact on our property prices? The last time residents went up in arms, it was over the construction of hostels for migrant workers near “Singaporean living areas”. That’s just pure elitism. You’re not local, or you’re old? Live in the outskirts please, you’re an eyesore to us.

And then people are attacking a minister for saying not all students from the technical institutions will get to attend a polytecnic because everyone should be given a chance to work their dreams. Fair enough. But that doesn’t mean the standards should be lowered or the net cast wider. That your dream? Work for it. Our young people have already gotten too many things handed to them on a silver platter. I think they need to learn some life skills.

Am I going to do something about it? I don’t know. Not sufficiently outraged. But perhaps one day, I might.


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