When I first started working, my boss told me I had to talk more to people. Learn to make small talk, find the connections, and get the conversational juices going. “If you can talk like how you write, you’ve got it made.” Since then, things have improved – a little. I have my talking “spurts”, but I also have my silent-but-active-participant moments.

And the other thing about talking with people – you got to dress up, and I sure don’t like to dress up. My work attire is at the minimum of what’s acceptable. Don’t let your mind run wild, I don’t go to work in hot shorts and tank tops. Rather, I wear dresses with a flare skirt instead of a shirt and pencil skirt. I refuse to slap on the eyeliner, eyeshadow or red lipstick, my maximum concession is mascara. That kind of bare minimum.

And well, the boss says networking sessions are a good-to-go. But you know what they say – when the boss says it’s good to go, better go. But I don’t know. Sometimes these sessions leave me empty and wondering what I’m doing with a smile plastered on, having to find everything that my conversation partner talks about so interesting.

The real point of this post? I’ve got a networking session this week, and I’m going to be watching a movie about Britain’s Iron Lady at that time. Oops, appointment clash.


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