Work monkeys

Thought of the day: we are all work monkeys.

Now, I don’t believe in evolution,  I don’t think we came from amoeba and primates. But yet we are all monkeys in some sense. Like monkeys in a zoo or circus, we behave a certain way because it brings us more “bananas” and “nuts”. So even though our bosses may make us really mad, one simple compliment (or what we perceive to be one) can be enough to cheer us up. It’s like the bond that animals at the zoo have with their trainers.

And the monkeying isn’t confined to just those of us who are lower in the food chain. We lower-rung work monkeys perform tricks to get say, a bag of peanuts. But those a rung above us work harder to get more bags. Those on the managerial rungs are captive to the board, which holds the key to a warehouse of better nuts, cashews for example. And the board and CEO are slaves to shareholders. And it comes full circle, because the shareholders are answerable to their families, and there’s a high chance these belong to a rung that isn’t that high in the food chain.

It’s a zoo and a circus out there. Bring on the tricks, work monkeys.




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