Promise to self

I promised myself nearly two years ago that I’d give the corporate world a shot, for say three to five years. Just to prove to myself that I can survive it, that I would not be washed away by the tsunami of politics and a heck lot of red tape. It’s been nearly two years since I left the comfort of my first workplace, what I would call my cocoon – so comfortable, safe and warm.

But now, I’m restless again. Not enough to make a change within the next year, but sufficient to get me thinking. I kinda see where God is leading me with all these life experiences, but there is still a big unknown. And I don’t like unknowns. Algebra wasn’t one of my favourite math topics. I’m picking up so many skills, but the overarching topic is still not something I’m passionate about. Heck, I think that those whose lives revolve around markets are sad sods.

What will life hold? Where will I next go? What’s in store?

Therein, the adventure is starting.


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