True respect

I’ve been in Thailand for a week now, and the people’s loyalty and respect to the King is simply astounding. There are painted pictures of him at almost every other junction, each surrounded by a gold gilded frame. And I’ve seen at least 10 different poses: alone, with his Queen, with his family, as a young man, an older man… And when his song plays at 8am and 6pm in the government structures (e.g. train stations) everyone stops what they’re doing and stands at attention. Such adoration and respect for a man. And then I look back home… other than the two studio portraits of the President and First Lady in schools and government buildings, we don’t really have much of them anywhere else. And even the most famous man in white has his fair share of detractors.

Here in Thailand, I’ve seen true respect.


One thought on “True respect

  1. It is interesting the level of respect Thai’s hold for their king. Actually, he is one of the few members of the royal family they do uniformly revere, and many Thais actually consider him a semi-religious figure.

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