Sticky silliness

Passion can make people do silly things. In the drive to bring clever, witty phrases to the masses, an artist has unfortunately run afoul of the law. I believe the authorities were loathe to do anything with just stickers. The last straw was when words were spray painted on the roads. Now, white words on the roads usually mean some sort of traffic directions. So when that form was used – and it’s not easily washed off – I’m not surprised the authorities stepped in. Yes, the arrest was a little draconian. But recall, the MRT vandal who spray painted the trains was sentenced to seven months jail and three strokes of the cane. Doing nothing in this case would encourage copycats. Artists need to remember that art is about expression, about beauty, about life – not about breaking the law. To those kicking up a fuss about stifling creativity, remember that the vast majority of us ARE supporting the artists through no choice of ours, when taxpayer money is used to clean vandalism in public places. I’d rather my taxes go to making someone’s life better, e.g. Elder care, helping the poor and needy, than cleaning up after people who feel (perhaps unconsciously) entitled to complete freedom of expression.


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