Water and light shows

Went with the parents to catch the water and light show along the shore of Marina Bay Sands. Managed to get a couple of decent shots of the fountain and bubbles.


The concept isn’t new, marrying the light show along Hong Kong’s harbour and Sentosa’s now defunct musical fountain, but it was still an attraction. Crowds started forming as early as an hour before the show started.

Unfortunately, I think the bubbles released halfway through the show was the true highlight. The children were so happily jumping around catching bubbles. I would too, if I were many many many moons younger. But the adults were just confused. It was a show about light and water, but really seemed like a hastily thrown together collage of videos projected against three water fountains serving as screens. There was no plot.

After the show, we all concluded that the musical fountain of old was better. Even when it was just different fountains and lights moving to the music being played, it was spectacular. The audience could see what the music looked like. Then they upped the ante with some stories of Singapore that were cheesy, but still had a storyline. Again, the water fountains were co-partners with the projection, and not playing a calafare role. It was really when the producers tried to make things new, and bring in ever more complex projections and artistic concepts that the show started to suffer.

So back to the MBS show by the river. If you’re in the area, sit back and relax – worth a view if you’re there. Pop by the jazz band afterwards, or hunt down the string quartet that takes song requests. But if you intend to head down just for the show, well, find some things else to head down for.


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