Happy Father’s Day

Tons of tributes are pouring in for the first men that most of us ever loved. Mothers used to get all the attention, and that Sunday in May was the only time when florists could raise the price of carnations. Fathers are increasingly getting more attention, and their role in bringing up children is increasingly getting recognised. Of course, the men’s gift industry groups fully support more people celebrating their Fathers. But really, these men have done so much for us. I know my Dad has. He’s not the affectionate type, not the type to hug us or say “I love you”. And my Mum still laughs to this day at how awkward he looked when he first carried his firstborn (that’s me!) in his arms. He didn’t dare carry me for months after, for fear he would drop me/ snap my neck/ break some other limb/ I would get hurt somehow. It was hilarious. But I know my Dad loves the family a lot. Simple things like cooking for us, cleaning the house… even when he says we’re too slow at cleaning and takes over, it’s because he wants to do it so we can go do our things. He goes exploring different places with my Mum now that he’s sort of retired, taking the heat off us. Mum used to depend on us to go explore places. He buys us little things, like bags (for me, tho he has never gotten the style right), and Disney merchandise for my sis. He’s not the sensitive new age guy type who will listen to us pour out our sorrows… but he will listen and help us to solve our problems when we have them.

My Dad isn’t perfect, but I’m still glad he’s my Daddy. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!


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