A simple black dress

I really don’t quite like dressing for work. In my line, I’ve got to look extremely presentable at all times, always fresh, happy, awake, perky. Without at least a cup of joe each day, that’s not going to happen. But the clothes matter too. So everyday, I think and struggle to find something that looks good, decent, modest, is comfortable, has some sprinklings/splashes of colour, is work appropriate, makes me look professional, easy to move around in, and if possible not turn heads.

I’ve since learnt that it’s quite impossible to wear something that makes you look good and not turn heads. I’ve also since learnt that it’s not that difficult. I will let the slim ones with no tummy fat to speak of wear the body con dresses. Skin tight, hugging, figure showing. Pass me the dresses that skim, flare out a little, and have some swing to them. Love them. And with a jacket, I will get away with even a cotton jersey dress. Just like today. A simple black dress fitted at the waist, with some swing in the skirt and reaching over my knees, paired with a slightly grey jacket and black pumps. Very simple ensemble, and very modest as well. But turned heads because, as SK put it, “you’re dressed well. Not common here.”

So I still don’t like dressing up, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Think simple, think comfortable, think clean lines.


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