What would Ben do? or WWBD

All eyes are on Ben. All that the world needs to shout for joy is a simple phrase: QE3. “Will he or won’t he?” has pretty much been on the minds of almost everyone I’ve met this week. Yes, I’m from the financial industry.

This whole tizzy around what Ben would do… well, let’s just say the effects of previous QEs have been temporal, they have faded. And yet Bernanke is held up to be a sort of “god” who can speak and calm the stormy markets.

But it’s temporal, it’s like a mist. Which contrasts with “what would Jesus do?” (WWJD). Yes, WWJD turned out to be a multi-year faddish movement, where everyone totted around merchandise emblazoned with the letters W.W.J.D. But the message underlying the movement remains.

Jesus obeyed God, to the point of death. Jesus was fully man, yet fully God. Jesus defeated death, rising on the third day. Jesus sits at the right hand of God – the work is finished!

So while the world busies itself wondering WWBD this time, perhaps it’s time we remember once again WJD, or what Jesus did. Once was all he did it, and once was all he needed. No repeats, no failed attempts. Just surety, clarity, certainty.


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