To Cambodia and Back

It’s exactly a week since we came back from Cambodia. Many have asked how the trip was, and my answer to that has been safe: it was nice, interesting. A bland answer, but I blame that on my slow hippocampus.

We visited two orphanages while there. Taught them songs, about God, spent time with them. There was some cynicism about the children’s responses being too rehearsed or “American” – at one place they sang a medley of songs for us, and at another they kept on giving us high fives. And goodbyes were always messy affairs, with nearly every child wanting to shake our hands, hug us or give us high fives. But that’s to be expected, with the funds they need to raise. And a cute, responsive child raises more money than a sulky one.

Yet, they gave us so much out of what little they had. They drew us pictures to show their gratitude. They gave us their precious toys. They were the best vacation bible school students we could ever have asked for.

They reduced the most cynical of us to tears.

So one week later, my hippocampus has decided to come alive. I do not know if the children really believe in Jesus as they claimed. But I’m confident that God will work from that little seed that we planted.


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