In Defense Of The Longchamp “Bib” Bag

A friend of mine recently posted a series of blistering comments about the Longchamp Le Pliage bag, or the “bib” bag as she called it. The nondescript tote was compared to pieces of art and other inconspicuous luxury totes. Her friends chipped in, stating how ridiculous it is to pay those kind of prices for a nylon tote.

So well, this short post is in defense of the ugly bib bag, of which I have one.

1. It’s roomy. I can dump A4 files inside and still have space for my wallet, waterbottle, and other essentials. Like a huge travel pack of tissue paper.

2. It’s versatile. I can take it anywhere – well, almost. Shopping, to the beach, travelling, overnight trip, to work. Just can’t take it for a wedding dinner, but no one’s complaining. Formal dinners call for prettier, more fragile bags.

3. It’s a pretty colour. I love that the bag comes in so many colours, and I’ve got Mulberry, a very nice rich shade of purple.

4. It’s hardy. I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or getting nicked. After all, it’s made of nylon.

5. It’s an affordable price point. That’s precisely why the bag is so popular. And in Europe, the bib bag is for carrying everywhere – the market, shopping, to work… everywhere. Sure, it’s seen as a luxury bag in Asia, and most young executives have one. With a beginner’s salary, that’s one of the most affordable “luxury” goods.

Some reasons are a little weak I know, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with owning a Longchamp Le Pliage. It’s perfectly alright to carry one around.

So wear them proudly, my fellow Longchamp toting friends!


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