Life’s Simple Joys: Grandparents

“Mama cannot pass motion. She say very ‘sam foo’, in NUH now seeing doctor.”

Lunchtime shocker, a day before the Lunar New Year. Turned out to be a case of constipation (poor grandma couldn’t pass motion since Tuesday).

Well, the medicine worked. Grandma was happily eating by dinner, chomping on mushrooms, chicken, and shelling prawns with her 90-year-old set of teeth. You heard that right, teeth, not dentures.

She was all smiles, urging us to eat more. More roast pork, more soup, more mushrooms, chicken, abalone…

She sat through three sets of us eating at the tiny dinner table, all smiles.

And we were happy too. To see her so radiant, fiercely independent and rather strong for someone who’s 90, with Alzheimer’s, a few bypasses and cataract ops under her belt.

Mama, we love you.


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