The real TGIF

“TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!”

Growing up, I never really got it, what’s so great about the weekend that the world cheers every Friday. Heck, there’s even a restaurant chain named TGIF.

All that changed when I’d worked for a few years. The drudgery of the work week, nonsense from other adults… We’ve got a saying here, that work’s trained us to work in a kindergarten, with the kind of tantrums and attitudes thrown around. One would expect more from adults.

Then my boss put a new spin on this. “This Friday, we thank God it’s Friday, the real TGIF.”

That was really meaningful. It takes the focus off us, off the little annoying things, and places it fully on Jesus. Sure, he didn’t die on 29 March nearly 2000 years ago, but we remember that. As Christians, we take the day to remember what Christ did on the cross for us. How he, fully God, became man and died to bear the penalty for our sins. That’s true love married with true justice. What’s more, Christ rose from the dead, defeating the power that we humans fear.

And so, this Good Friday, I’d like to share one of my favourite modern hymns that sums up the whole thing.


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