Lazy Chef: Fuss-free Spinach

Spinach’s always been associated with Popeye. Strong, muscular sailor who pops green gunk out of a can to save his one true love from the clutches of a pirate with a tummy. Mum always said to eat more, but the effects of the wonder green is just so… Temporary.

Now, I see the magic in spinach. Though tedious to prepare if all the fibres are first removed, it’s really a snap to cook. My favorite: fry some garlic, dump the spinach in, cover, and turn off the heat. Once the leaves wilt, off to the table it goes!

But I think I’ve got a new favourite way to cook spinach. Grilling it in my oven.


Tear the stalks up, slice some garlic, drizzle oil, sprinkle salt over, wrap all the corners tightly, and throw into the grill for 10 minutes.

For more jazz, add some lemon juice or sauce or wolfberries, whatever’s in your fridge.

The result?


A hot steaming package of spinach. Made a chicken fillet the same way, and oh my, tenderness. Steamed or grilled, I don’t know. But it’s good, and totally lazy chef worthy.


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