NCIS Nerds Rule

Just watched what must be my favourite episode of NCIS.

Here goes the plot. Dude was shot, and committed suicide by drinking drain cleaner. The team arrives on the scene, and the coroners take the body back. They get hijacked along the way, and are forced to perform an autopsy on said dead body. They use their wits to escape, and succeed.

Criminal procedure shows tend to focusb on the agents, the ones that go out into the field. Makes sense from an entertainment lens, since that’s where most of the action is.

But the stars of this episode are Ducky and Palmer, the two lovably weird nerdy geeky coroners. They’ve got an easy chemistry and what comes across as genuine friendship and affection for each other. Their wit, jokes and quick thinking also made for a good show.

In short, power to the nerds.


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