Did you ever talk to God above?

This is one of my favourite children’s choruses. Almost every Sunday, we’d ask to sing this song, “Song 98!” someone would exclaim, when the adults asked us for a choice. I’m not sure we really understood the words then, but it was catchy, and we loved singing and bobbing our heads to it. And years on, God reminded me of how sweet prayer can be. Some weeks ago we prayed as a group of young adults for the church, for us to grow to be more like what God made us to be, for things bigger than us, things beyond us. And this week, God answered prayers more personally. Tickets to the Piano Guys concert (yes I’m going for it whoo hoo!) turned up in a completely unexpected place (yes I misplaced it two days after collecting them). And the doctor gave the all-clear after a check-up today, when the signs and symptoms made me worry about a relapse – “just a slight inflammation, I’ve put some cream, so all is good.” And so, I was reminded of this little chorus. Enjoy.

Did You Ever Talk to God Above?

Lyrics: Frances Towle Rath
Music: Greg Soule

Did you ever talk to God above?
Tell Him that you need a friend to love.
Pray in Jesus’ name believing
that God answers prayer.

Have you told Him all your cares and woes?
Ev’ry tiny little fear He knows.
You can know He’ll always hear
And He will answer prayer.

You can whisper in a crowd to Him.
You can cry when you’re alone to Him.
You don’t have to pray out loud to Him;
He knows your thoughts.

On a lofty mountain peak, He’s there.
In a meadow by a stream, He’s there.
Anywhere on earth you go,
He’s been there from the start.

Find the answer in His Word; it’s true.
You’ll be strong because He walks with you.
By His faithfulness He’ll change you, too.
God answers prayer.


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