Water Creature Watching

In just one month, I watched water creatures close up. Twice. The River Safari boasts of being a river-themed zoo, with animals living along and in the river. The S.E.A Aquarium is Guinness-certified as the world’s largest aquarium, covering waters from all parts of the world.

They share many similarities: water theme, walk-through concept, and few seats. They’re disabled friendly, but unless your elderly are fit or in a wheelchair, they might not enjoy it as much.

But if you’ve got to choose, which would you?

I love watching water flow, and the teeming marine life. And I loved Pixar’s Finding Nemo. No surprise which I preferred! I liked that we got to touch some starfish, sea cucumber (so so squishy!!), and feel the leathery skin of a baby shark. I could while the entire afternoon away, watching the fishes, shrimp and what have you circle the corals, playing. I loved watching the jellyfish paint a glorious, graceful picture. It was Finding Nemo come to life. Even Mr. Ray made an appearance, swimming the smaller fishes through the water. It was awesome.

That’s not to say the River Safari isn’t worth a visit. If you like seeing more land animals, crocodiles and must see the pandas, then go ahead. (I remembered Kungfu Panda there, but just for a bit.) But if you’re in for the animal experience, the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari are, in my opinion, better options. But enough words. Let the pictures speak!


S.E.A Aquarium (Mimosa thinks: 4/5)


Clockwise from top: jellyfish dance, angel fish, Coral garden (must visit, must sit and watch), whale shark poster, starfish plastered on the tank


River Safari (Mimosa thinks: 3/5)


Clockwise from top: dugong viewing panel, sleeping red panda, alligator, best view of pandas


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