Letter to my 21 year old self

Today you turn 21. You thought the world would change, perhaps you’d feel more grown up and adult and do all the things that adults do. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up and find that nothing has changed. Except maybe a tighter waistline with all the feasting you’ve been doing.

But that doesn’t mean your world isn’t going to change in the next decade.

You’ll learn to love, what love is and what it isn’t. And you’ll learn when it’s time to let go to nurse your broken heart.

You’ll learn to be true to your values. And that it’s possible to outgrow friends you grew up with – and find new ones to spend the rest of your life with.

You’ll learn to not be that cat stuck in a tree, mewing. You’ll learn to be brave, stand up to the bosses – they’re really just humans, and learn the value of the word “no”.

You’ll learn that you’ve got more tenacity, firmness and staying power than you ever imagined. And it comes with a whole lot of patience and love that others see, even if you think you’re being mean.

You’ll learn that God will carry you through the good times and the bad. The Footprints poem is real.

You’ll learn that what you want isn’t always what God’s intended for you. And you learn to submit to it. Eventually. Usually after a whole lot of rationalizing things away, then finally being convicted by God’s Word.

You’ll learn that it’s perfectly ok not to be working in a field you’re passionate about. Many will tell you that finding your passion makes work less painful. Well, it’s important to enjoy the core of your work. But work will always be painful. And the search for your true passion can end up being a life-sucker as you throw all your energies into it.

And you’ll learn that life is a journey, an adventure to embrace. All the laughter, tears and heartaches will mould you more and more into the woman that God wants you to be.

Sit tight, and enjoy the ride.


Signing off,

Your 30 year old self


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