Lazy Chef: Porridge

Porridge. It reminds some of feverish chills and hacking coughs. Or a children’s song about peas. For some, porridge is like a warm blanket lining the stomach.

For me, porridge is comforting, porridge is love. It’s not a quick dish, with the pork bones to scald, root vegetables to cut and stove to watch. That and I’m just terrible at preparing pork bones anything.

So when a craving hit recently, I just had to find another way of making porridge, something simple, something lazy. I’m a lazy chef.

And I found it, here, here and here. Just wash the rice, fill it with water, bring to the boil, and simmer, stirring occassionally. Too much water? Scoop it out later. Too little water? Add more and continue cooking. Want more flavour in the bowl? Throw in dried scallops, mushrooms, root veggies, what have you. It’s that simple. Tummy, be happy!


Brown rice porridge with scallops and wolfberries


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