Old People are Adorable

Old people are adorable. Sure they have their moments when nothing seems to be right and the whole world is against them.

Maybe it’s just rediscovering that openness we knew as kids. Perhaps it’s that, but this year I discovered some magic in it.

I love watching my grandma say her bedtime prayers, then tell us with her toothless grin that she prayed tor safety and a blessed rest. For all twelve of her kids. And for all 21 grandkids on a good day when she remembers us.

On Sunday, a granny in wheelchair shook my hand and refused to let go because my hands were so cold and she was trying to warm me up! Just so I could continue playing the piano.

And some moons ago, a grandfather teased me about not wandering away and getting lost. He probably thinks I’m all of 18, but still, it’s lovely to know someone cares.

So yes, old people are adorable. Cherish them.


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