Lazy Chef: Oats and Egg


Those who already love oats will be flabbergasted at this, but I’ve only liked having oatmeal in cookies and biscuits all my life. Until this. I’d bought oats to try a 2-ingredient cookie recipe and oatmeal lace one, and they are amazing recipes. And the oats came in nothing smaller than 1kg bags.

So well, I needed a way to finish up these oats. And… discovered one by Martha Stewart that was just oats and a fried egg. Perfect for a day I took ill and needed something warming in my tummy quick. I’d usually turn to Chinese-style porridge in times like these, but that would mean 30-45 minutes of simmering – way too long! Martha’s recipe saved me. I cooked up a batch, mixed in salt, coriander seed powder, cinnamon (don’t ask me, it just worked), fried an egg and sprinkled Japanese seasoning all over.

One word: YUMMY. And fully in line with the spirit of the Lazy Chef.



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