Farewell, Patch Adams

Patch Adams is the first movie that made me laugh and cry so hard in one sitting, I used up an entire pack of tissues. All 10 pieces, over the story of a doctor who wears a red nose and makes others laugh. The movie’s been panned for being shallow, predictable, sappy… and the list goes on. But this is the show that introduced Robin Williams to me. So thank you.

For hours of belly-aching laughs. For tears. For injecting a warm fuzziness into crazy situations, like when you dressed up as an old woman. Or stepped out of a jungle looking like how Tarzan should (Whenever I watch Disney’s Tarzan, I wonder: how does Tarzan not grow a beard, have chest hair or fuzz in all the right places??) Thank you for bringing these characters to life.

Thank you for drawing on the wells of your emotions: the sadness, loneliness, happy times and more, just to bring the rest of the world laughter. People say that the funniest on stage are also the most contemplative – and sometimes saddest – off-stage.

Rest in peace, the man who played Patch Adams.


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