Snoop: What your stuff says about you – A book review


I borrowed this book because it promises to impart Sherlock Holmes / Hercule Poirot type of deduction. These “armchair” detectives note some clues, piece them together, and voila! They’ve solved a crime. Imagine doing that in everyday life – whoever knows my superpower would quake in their shoes.

While the book delved into some things that can give contextual clues, there just weren’t enough examples. So yes, I now know that neurotic refers to anxiety in the psychological world, and signs of those are dark clothes and inspirational posters. But it’s all so general. And at some point, it felt like Sam Gosling was running out of material, using different theories to repeat the same points. I am more wowed by any of Agatha Christie’s or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s heroes / heroines, but perhaps that’s why it’s fiction…

So it looks like my class in superpower deduction didn’t go too well, but at least it reminded me to get to the NCIS episodes I’d recorded and set aside for this book.

Mimosa’s rating: 3/5


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