Quiet by Susan Cain: a book review

I started this book thinking it’s one of those how-to self-help tomes. You know, the kinds that teach introverts how to play ball in a world that values extroversion. I was wrong. There’s so much more.

How we went from valuing character to to valuing personality. How that means we worship the ones who speak well.

How so much research about work culture by the top MBA schools are biased – because these schools themselves thrive on extraversion. Like open office concepts, brainstorming…

How brainstorming is still very valuable – as a social glue, not so much creativity.

How solitary, deliberate practice is needed to get real good at something.

But how social connections are still necessary. Too cut off from the world, can’t get anything done. Starbucks may have gotten it right with its third place idea.

I liked this book very much, but was glad to have finished it. Coz that means I get to go play! Ah the woes of an outgoing introvert.

Mimosa’s rating: 4.5/5


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