Hello March

Well, hello. Two months have gone by so quickly, faster than I’ve had time to sit, breath and dream what I want for this year. 2015, you’re shaping up to be rather interesting. And so my resolutions will be made to keep growing near the sky, as I used to sing every day in secondary […]

Of Cakes and Peace Offerings

So the intern’s been plying us with cakes and chocolates. Not just any old pandan sponge cake from the neighbourhood bakery, but  jazzed-up pieces from his kitchen. Tiramisu, matcha cream cake, chocolate cream cake with a thin wafer base, chocolate shell filled with ganache and caramel… All very delicious, all very complex. And very unwanted. We […]

Project 2014

It’s a new year, and I need ways to reduce the time I spend vegetating in front of the TV. So here are 8 things I want to do this year. 1. Read a book each month. 2. Run/walk 5km. Not a marathon (have never dreamt of torturing myself that way), but still the longest […]

Buses, Progress and Botox

I took a long bus ride today, enjoying the afternoon off. We wound through the busy Orchard streets lined with glass and concrete, passed structures that brought back the whiff of old memories forged in a sky blue pinafore. Then the bus turned into Novena, where I took my first job at the tax masters, […]

Life’s Simple Joys: Grandparents

“Mama cannot pass motion. She say very ‘sam foo’, in NUH now seeing doctor.” Lunchtime shocker, a day before the Lunar New Year. Turned out to be a case of constipation (poor grandma couldn’t pass motion since Tuesday). Well, the medicine worked. Grandma was happily eating by dinner, chomping on mushrooms, chicken, and shelling prawns […]