Hello March

Well, hello. Two months have gone by so quickly, faster than I’ve had time to sit, breath and dream what I want for this year. 2015, you’re shaping up to be rather interesting. And so my resolutions will be made to keep growing near the sky, as I used to sing every day in secondary […]

Of Cakes and Peace Offerings

So the intern’s been plying us with cakes and chocolates. Not just any old pandan sponge cake from the neighbourhood bakery, but  jazzed-up pieces from his kitchen. Tiramisu, matcha cream cake, chocolate cream cake with a thin wafer base, chocolate shell filled with ganache and caramel… All very delicious, all very complex. And very unwanted. We […]

And every knee shall bow

I’ve been really upset at work lately. Adults behave like children, sometimes in an even more juvenile manner than kindergarteners. Tempers are thrown, attitudes shown. Glory is taken when the work was done by others. Credit is not shared with co-workers. Boasting and shouting about all good work, also known as ‘wayang’, is the norm. […]