Sticky silliness

Passion can make people do silly things. In the drive to bring clever, witty phrases to the masses, an artist has unfortunately run afoul of the law. I believe the authorities were loathe to do anything with just stickers. The last straw was when words were spray painted on the roads. Now, white words on […]

Young and old

I’m flabbergasted. My fellow Singaporeans have recently been up in arms against building more elderly care facilities, while giving more weight to the idea that students who do not get a place in the polytecnics are a victim of the system. So we aren’t going to allow more spaces for the elderly to retire and […]

Why get into debt?

I received a call from the friendly bank officer today. Bank officer: Good morning miss, (niceties… etc… etc…). We would like to offer you an overdraft at 6.88% interest, it can be used for your credit card as well, so if you want to pay any bills, or increase the amount of money you have, […]

The Service Factor

I have a confession: I often pay reluctantly for the service charge at eateries. Now, I am no Scrooge. The problem is that I do not see why taking my food and drinks order, and serving the food up should cost 10% of the bill. While there are establishments that deserve that 10% (hats off […]