Hello March

Well, hello. Two months have gone by so quickly, faster than I’ve had time to sit, breath and dream what I want for this year. 2015, you’re shaping up to be rather interesting. And so my resolutions will be made to keep growing near the sky, as I used to sing every day in secondary […]

Water Creature Watching

In just one month, I watched water creatures close up. Twice. The River Safari boasts of being a river-themed zoo, with animals living along and in the river. The S.E.A Aquarium is Guinness-certified as the world’s largest aquarium, covering waters from all parts of the world. They share many similarities: water theme, walk-through concept, and […]


There’s just something about airports that renew wanderlust. Looking at the departure boards today, we couldn’t help but wish we had some exciting adventures planned. Bandung… Yogyakarta… Shan tou… Tokyo… So many places listed, and almost none of which we’ve been to before! But strangely enough, after some days away, we yearn for home. Travel […]

Water and light shows

Went with the parents to catch the water and light show along the shore of Marina Bay Sands. Managed to get a couple of decent shots of the fountain and bubbles. The concept isn’t new, marrying the light show along Hong Kong’s harbour and Sentosa’s now defunct musical fountain, but it was still an attraction. […]

True respect

I’ve been in Thailand for a week now, and the people’s loyalty and respect to the King is simply astounding. There are painted pictures of him at almost every other junction, each surrounded by a gold gilded frame. And I’ve seen at least 10 different poses: alone, with his Queen, with his family, as a […]

Travel plans

Ok, I know this is yet another travel post about my plans… but hey, this time it’s confirmed! (No, tourist in Singapore didn’t quite pan out. At all. It’s been postponed indefinitely. My bad…) Mum, little waif and I are off to Fun Taiwan! Ahhh… land of BUBBLE TEA! Oh yes, there are loads more […]

Tourist at home

Ah, cherry blossoms, you slip through my fingers once again… I want to go away so badly it has become a need. I gave up Taiwan in March with E&M because of work, birthdays that I cannot miss (or risk having to chase down more cockroaches, lizards and beetles), and the moolah. I tried to […]