Mimosa’s Dreams

Six years ago, I watched The Bucket List and got all inspired. Six years later, I’d still not listed a single item. And six years later, in 2013, I started the list. Hopefully that’ll give me more to write about, to share. Here goes!

1. Watch the sakuras in Japan. Or Taiwan. Or South Korea. Anywhere in Asia – seems more appropriate, and comes with good street food and leisurely picnics!

2. Learn to swim. I live on a little red dot on the world map, surrounded by water, and can’t swim more than three strokes. In my defense, I’ve finally learnt to float.

3. Learn to cycle. Contraptions with two wheels that require balance to use confound me.

4. Get published. What can I say, I like seeing my name in the byline. Wrote some commissioned pieces for Freshgrads.sg about travelling in Taipei, swapping your day job to be your own boss, small biz’s advantages in social media, and dressing for casual Friday. And one about structured products that was published in the Sunday Times (edited), picked up by Asia.One (heavily edited), and made its way to the archives of a government money literacy programme.

5. Travel Taiwan by train. There’s just something magical about trains, pulling passengers through different scenery. Not to mention the food. Taiwan’s got to have some of the best street food around. 

6. Travel Europe by train. I’ve done a trip around Switzerland by train, but not the rest of Europe. And there’s so much that Europe has to offer. Anyone wants to get a railpass with me?

7. Speak Cantonese fluently. Seeing my grandma so frail after a stroke, I told myself I’d like to banter with her properly. Right now, we make do with her speaking Cantonese and I, Mandarin. 

8. Make pancakes without burning them. Or waffles. Waffles with butter and honey a la A&W is awesome.

9. Perform a piano piece on stage in a nice gown. See “The Concert

10. Jazz up some piano songs for tea time at a hotel.

11. Paragliding.

12. Visit UNESCO sites. Ticking them off…

South East Asia: Halong Bay (Ha Noi, Vietnam), Hoi An Ancient Town (Hoi An, Vietnam), Forbidden Purple City (Hue, Vietnam), Melaka (Malaysia), Jatiluwih rice terraces / Mt. Batur (Bali)

South Asia: Taj Mahal / Agra Fort (Agra, India)

North Asia: Classical Gardens of Suzhou (China), West Lake (China), Historic Centre of Macao (Macau, China)

Australia: Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens (Melbourne, Australia)

Europe: Versailles Palace (France), Jungfrau (Switzerland)


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