Hello March

Well, hello. Two months have gone by so quickly, faster than I’ve had time to sit, breath and dream what I want for this year. 2015, you’re shaping up to be rather interesting. And so my resolutions will be made to keep growing near the sky, as I used to sing every day in secondary […]

Old People are Adorable

Old people are adorable. Sure they have their moments when nothing seems to be right and the whole world is against them. Maybe it’s just rediscovering that openness we knew as kids. Perhaps it’s that, but this year I discovered some magic in it. I love watching my grandma say her bedtime prayers, then tell […]

NCIS Nerds Rule

Just watched what must be my favourite episode of NCIS. Here goes the plot. Dude was shot, and committed suicide by drinking drain cleaner. The team arrives on the scene, and the coroners take the body back. They get hijacked along the way, and are forced to perform an autopsy on said dead body. They […]

Problem with thinking

The problem with people who think too much is… They tend to overthink. Problems get bigger, insecurities feed on perceptions and jealousy. Problems exist where things were all good. And the people around? They go mad too. It’s like living with someone who’s perpetually in crazy world. It’s a madhouse.